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International airport at Hosur announced by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

A good news for the people of Karnnataka has come this week. Chief Minister MK Stalin announced in the assembly on Thursday that the Tamil Nadu government would construct a new international airport in Hosur for the socioeconomic development of the Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri districts collectively.


“The Hosur neighborhood has drawn significant investments in electronic vehicles in previous years. Numerous efforts are being launched in Hosur to turn it into a significant economic zone…This administration is debating whether Hosur needs an airport in order to support the socioeconomic development of Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, and Hosur. The Chief Minister said before the assembly that an international airport would be built on 2000 acres in Hosur to handle 30 million people annually.

M K Stalin enumerated the accomplishments of the Dravidian model government in Tamil Nadu and stated, “Tamil Nadu is developing in all fields under the Dravidian model government. Particularly crucial in large industries. Several international industries are eager to make investments in Tamil Nadu.”

Additionally, CM Stalin promised that a Grand Library and Science Center, akin to those in Chennai, Madurai, and Coimbatore, would be established in Trichy.

He added, “A Grand Library and Science Center will be established in Trichy, like the libraries in Madhurai, Coimbatore.

Chief Minister MK Stalin earlier on Wednesday tabled a motion in the State Assembly requesting that the Central Government start the census process right away and include a caste-based population census this time.

This House believes that in order to create laws that guarantee equal rights and opportunities for education, a caste-based population census is necessary.

According to the resolution order cited, this House believes that a caste-based population census is necessary in order to develop policies that guarantee every Indian citizen equal rights and opportunities in the economy, education, and workforce.

Therefore, the resolution order further stated that this House unanimously recommends the Union Government to start the census work immediately. The census is due in 2021 together with the caste-based Population Census.

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