About Us

We are a team of Experts, carrying expertise of different aspects of businesses, aspects, that intertwine, and run the four quarters for every organization, within every Industry.

Led by a Stalwart, Gajanan Hegdekatte, who is one of the most sought after names in the most recent Industry he was part of. He comes with nearly two decades of experience in one of the most renowned Sales Oriented organization, Asian Paints, to spending another 8 years in Luxury Retail, having dynamically led Sales Function and as CEO of organizations. Having also completed the CEO Leadership program from ISB, he is one of the most versatile and enterprising leaders of the Industry.

Gajanan with his team of subject matter experts, yearns to do for various organizations, what he could achieve with organizations he had worked with. Turn them from loss making units to profitable ones, to get the actual ROI, each business has potential of, to bring exponential increase in revenues and profit margins. His far-sightedness and charismatic way of leading organizations has helped them optimise the resources, make the impossible, possible.

As Entrepreneurs, leaders of organization, we want the best for our organization. We try our best in identifying the transactional & operational Issues that are hindering our growth, or take a relook at what our growth strategies should be to remain competitive in the market, to maybe lead the industry or continue to do so. We try to identify the threats, challenges, the different variables that keep affecting our business positively and negatively, and while doing so, try to optimise on the positives and dodge the negatives to the best extent possible.

To enable us to identify these aspects that affect the business continuity, we typically depend on market information, market surveys, media, different tools, & sources, etc, that are available, to help us identify these. However, many a time we still falter, we still fail to see the obvious, we still fail to believe in or have a vision of what the future beholds for us, in relevance to the industry or for the industry itself.

Why do leaders / entrepreneurs face this situation? Why do they not see the incoming? Why do they not hear the opportunities knocking at their doors?

Our expertise over many years from different industries tells us that no matter how many surveys, market information, different strategies you come up with, unless they are intricately woven with your organization fabric, the odds to succeed will be minimal. And that’s precisely where we come in and help you identify the strategies that will be the most relevant to you, your people, your business model, your culture and above all your vision. We are your Customised ‘Perfect Game Changers’. Yes, we are your ‘GO TO’ people when you need guidance & direction in each of your FOUR Quarters and every quadrant of your business. We give you the 360 degree view to what you fail to see……….

  • How really S.M.A.R.T are your goals, your AOP vs ACTUALS vs Reality? And what you probably should do to move closer to S.M.A.R.T goals for your organization?
  • What’s your Strategy Canvas? What parameters are you willing to dissect on and analyse those that are most relevant to you.
  • In the past 50 years, the average lifespan of any business model has reduced dramatically from 15 years to under 5 years. Is it time to rethink or innovate your business model? What Business Model you need to play with?
  • Are you sure your current organization structure is the best way your people are aligned with, to deliver the results you commit to your customers?
  • What is the value proposition you want to create for your target segment and is that really what you are working towards? Or should there be a paradigm shift in your purpose, the fundamentals of which have changed or will change in tune with market dynamics.

What’s in a NAME?

When we came upon the idea of helping organizations deliver, we listed down the different aspects of business we could change for the better, the different facets of business we could surgically re-engineer, innovate. And we wanted a name that can convey all of this without being too magnanimous. With this we began to search for the right name we need to go by, but soon we realised that nearly everything we want to do and have the expertise to do would drive the results of the business, day-by day, month after month and quarter after quarter, with nearly every quadrant of the business in the radar. Therefore was born the all-encompassing name ‘FOUR QUARTERS’ and we are proud to bring this to you as much as you would surely be proud to be associated with it.

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